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Dragon and Phoenix

The celestial Dragon is the ultimate good luck symbol and is thus central to the practice of Feng Shui. This wonderful creature symbolizes the Vital Life Force as the Cosmic Breath of Life or Cosmic Chi (energy). It is this Breath of Life that energizes all things, animate and inanimate alike. The Dragon is often depicted as playing with a fiery ball symbolizing this Vital Life Force and at the center of the ball of fire can be found the precious Pearl of Success which in turn symbolizes the purest of energies.

The phoenix, the queen of all the winged creatures and the ultimate symbol of feminine power which has risen out of the ash symbolizes resurrection, infinity, and rebirth. It represents opportunities and the power of hope, one of the greatest driving forces of humanity. The Phoenix brings material comfort and good fortune to those who have a run of bad luck gives them the strength to continue, to survive difficult times even though there seems to be no hope. It brings opportunity luck in your work and career and lets you see there’s light at the end of the tunnel when you are at your lowest low.

When the Dragon and the Phoenix are depicted together, they symbolize the perfect Yin and Yang symbol, a pair of lovers that are connected for all of eternity, a happy marriage that is blessed with success and prosperity as well as many filial children.

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