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Three celestials guardians, Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao, meaning and symbol in Feng Shui

25 May 2023
Three celestials guardians, Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao, meaning and symbol in Feng Shui

This special Feng Shui symbol features 3 Celestial Guardians Shield which is strong symbol of protection against the Triple Conflicts or Three Killings affliction. It is believed that the powers of the Pi Yao, the Chi Lin, and the Fu Dog could combat against loss of wealth, loss of loved ones, and loss of one’s good name and reputation.

Feng Shui experts saying that the Three Killings is a highly lethal affliction in Feng Shui and should be taken seriously.

Symbol of Chi Lin in Feng Shui

The Chi Lin or Qi Lin, also known as Kei Loon, is the Chinese Unicorn. It is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon, scales of carp upon the body of a horse, and a tail consisting of little curls. It is sometimes called the dragon horse, a mythical creature that has a lot of legends and stories associated with it. One legend has it that they were originally guardians of the gates of heaven. Chi Lin is also being associated with the hou tu square, a symbol of numbers used in advanced Feng Shui analysis.

The Chi Lin’s presence is said to attract the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon, which promises good omens, wealth, success, longevity, wisdom, compassion, and distinguished children. The magnificent Chi Lin is believed to have great protective abilities. It is also believed that if you look into the eyes of the Chi Lin it will bring you happiness and good fortune.

Symbol of Fu Dog in Feng Shui

Fu dogs are mythical animals and guardians of the heavenly gate. They have fear-inspiring faces and muscular bodies and are believed to be protectors that ward off evil influences and spirits. It is their task to probe the mind and intentions of the entering guest. The Fu Dogs also nourishes Chi that enters the home or business premises and thus brings in good fortune.

Symbol of Pi Yao & Pi Xiu in Feng Shui

The Pi Yao or Pi Xiu is a mystical creature that is an extremely powerful and auspicious amulet of good fortune, just behind the Dragon. It is said to have a voracious appetite that is infinite. The interesting part is that the Pi Yao does not have an anus, which means things only go in but never come out. It is therefore a favorite must-have for businessmen and merchants wishing loads of money rolling in without spilling out a dime. It is no wonder that the figurines of Pi Yau can often be seen in banks, casinos, foreign exchange markets, and finance companies in Oriental countries.

Besides that, the Chinese adore the Pi Yao because of its protective, obedient, and loyal nature. It is believed that the Pi Yao will always try its best to fulfill its owner’s wish and safeguard the health and welfare of its owner.

It is said that the powerful Pi Yao ushers in wealth attracts good luck, wards off evil, brings good Feng Shui, provides protection to the home and individuals, and brings windfall luck.

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