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Feng Shui - Science and Art

Feng Shui - Science and Art

Feng Shui is not magic. And there is no spiritual practice that requires a strong faith in its strength or confidence in its effectiveness. Feng Shui is best approached as a science and practiced as an art. It is science because many of the applications of Feng Shui are based on the exact use of those collectively grouped under the Feng Shui of the Compass School, also known as Feng Shui with formulas. Under this system of techniques, the construction and placement of rooms and furniture in accordance with the guidelines of the compass, combined with calculations based on formulas, bring the desired luck. But the accuracy of the measurement, both directions of the compass (sometimes to the nearest degree) and the correct measurement of the dimensions are crucial factors in the success of the practice. If the proportions are measured exactly and the calculations were done correctly, Feng Shui with formulas almost always works, improving the luck of those in the house. It doesn't take long for results to appear. But also keep in mind that if practiced incorrectly, Feng Shui simply has no effect.

Much of Feng Shui is also art and requires subjective judgment and interpretation. Experience is a valuable asset in practicing Feng Shui. This is because many of the Feng Shui estimates are par excellence visual, requiring the human eye to make important assessments of shapes, terrain and contours.

This dimension of Feng Shui practice has been collectively grouped under what is generally called the Feng Shui School of Shapes or Landscapes. Here the physical surroundings are judged according to the way they appear from a visual point of view. Mountains, hills, rivers, roads, levels, waves, shape, smells and almost anything arouses the senses, enter the analysis of the environment. In addition, soil quality, wind strength, sunlight intensity, plant abundance and slope angle are included in the terrain assessment made by the Feng Shui specialist.

Translated word for word, Feng Shui means "wind and water". Mainly these two elements are the ones that shaped the land, causing the physical formations of the living earth. What Feng Shui offers are guidelines that allow the practitioner to interpret the characteristics of the landscape depending on whether they bring positive or negative energy, and thus, whether they will bring good luck or bad luck to those who live near them.

It is very important that the favorable or unfavorable features of visual Feng Shui, as defined by the School of Forms, are correctly identified. The effect of incorrect landscape Feng Shui eliminates the correct compass Feng Shui. This is the first extremely important rule of Feng Shui practice to keep in mind: that physical structures, both natural and artificial, can destroy carefully executed Feng Shui orientations.

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