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Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui Symbol for Protection

07 Apr 2022
Blue Rhino and Elephant Feng Shui Symbol for Protection - Store Feng Shui

The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant, together with the anti-burglary mantra, making it a protective energy shield and powerful talisman to protect you against violence, robbery, stealing, accidents caused by the hostile #7 Red Flying Star.

The influence of the elephant on mankind has always been fascinating, enchanting, and charming. The role of the elephant in myth, legend, religion, history, folklore, and war, has made it a symbol of splendor. In Feng Shui, the Elephant is considered a sacred symbol. Although it is often used to symbolize strength, power, wisdom, strength, and fertility, it can also be used to symbolize longevity, good luck, and success. It can act as the grantor of wishes and as the protector of the household. The image of an elephant with a trunk up is especially auspicious as it symbolizes triumph over the evil energy and also as a powerful protector.

The Rhinoceros is a powerful symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, office politics, backstabbing, and enemies as well as to counter the violent #7 star in Period 8. The #7 is a much-feared star that brings burglary, fatal accidents, bloodshed, and conmen into your life. Feng Shui masters recommend using the mighty rhinoceros for protection because this particular animal is hardy and tough and can definitely counter any other fierce animals or obstacles in its own way.

Therefore, the combination of Rhinoceros and Elephant is a formidable Feng Shui symbol of protection. They have attained these attributes due to their indomitable strength and size in the animal kingdom as well as their protective and resilient nature. Carry the Blue Rhino and Elephant Protection Card with you all the time to ward off violent negative energy that may come in the form of robberies and accidents.

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